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18 Wheeler Accident

If you are in accident with an 18 wheeler, contact your Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas today. It is very important to address this matter immediately. CallR. E. López & Associates, P.C. today at 214-699-4656. 

As a component of our personal injury practice, the attorneys at R. E. López & Associates, P.C. handle truck accident cases involving trucking safety violations and truck driver negligence. In association with co-counsel, our lawyers are available to represent truck accident victims throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, and across the counties

As most drivers know, accidents involving large trucks are among the most serious and deadly in the U.S. The most recently available statistics (2007) revealed that 4,584 large trucks (weighing 10,000 pounds or more) were involved in fatal crashes. The necessary litigation process only makes matters more complicated, as a variety of commercial vehicle regulations come into play. At R. E. López & Associates, P.C., we have a thorough grasp on said regulations, state and federal alike. 

We are committed to fighting for full and fair compensation for clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims related to all types of truck accidents. Truck crashes and 18-wheeler accidents present unique issues not associated with typical motor vehicle accident cases. These differences include:

  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Driver hours of operation
  • Higher likelihood of serious injury including spinal cord injury, paralysis, and brain injury
  • Governmental safety regulations in the trucking industry
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of vehicles
  • Negligent hiring, training and supervision
  • Complicated insurance coverage issues

R. E. López & Associates, P.C. understands the unique legal and practical problems associated with truck crashes. Our lawyers have experience dealing with the complicated legal, medical, and insurance issues that can arise in truck accident litigation.

Every day people are on the roads with these big trucks making way for themselves and not the little guys on the road. These drivers are on the roads for several hours at a time and at fault most every time an accident occurs due to negligence. They either did not see you because of the size of vehicle they are driving or have not had enough sleep. Accidents caused by 18 wheelers, due to the size and weight of the truck and trailer  can lead to fatalities.

Your Accident Attorney in Dallas has been in the business of protecting accident victims for  years. We have experience and aptitude in securing the maximum compensation for auto accidents. As your Personal Injury Attorneys, we will fight on your behalf to obtain maximum damages in legal disputes involving negligence and damages. These events occur every day on the highways and local streets. Your Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas invites you to contact us today for a free consultation.

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